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L’ACQUARIO Restaurant


Vegetable pie with cheese fondue and saffron €10,50
Umbrian appetizer with norcineria, sheep’s milk cheese and bruschette €14,00
Mushroom and truffle timbale €11,50
Appetizer Trasimeno fish € 15,00
(smoked tench mousse, lake fish flan, “caviar”, pike carpaccio, marinated eel, carp terrine*)
Trasimeno “caviar”* with toasted bread and clotted cream €9,00

First courses

Pici with cheese and black pepper €15,00
Pici with goose-sauce
Risotto with saffron, celeriac and cheese cream €13,50
Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and fontina with pigeon base €16,00
Homemade tagliatelle with black truffles €16,00

“Chitarrini” with smoked tench and fish eggs* €14,50
Potato gnocchi with dried cherry tomatoes and perch* €14,00
«Fagiolina» cream with crispy pike €12,50

Second courses

Baked carp* medallion with fennel, sage and rosemary €16,50
“Tegamaccio” – Lake fish soup* €17,00
Perch rolls* with grayfishes and pistachios €19,50
Grilled pike fillet* with chard and crunchy almonds €19,00
Grilled eel* €23,00

Stewed wild boar with vegetables €16,50
Grilled lamb €17,50
Cut of beef with bacon fat and truffles €19,50
Duck fillets with orange and salted caramel €19,50


«Fagiolina» beans with olive oil and onions €8,00
“Cipollata”-stewed onions and tomatoes €6,50
“Roveia”with onions, cherry tomatoes and rosemary €7,50
Baked potatoes with rosemary €4,50
Mixed salad €4,50


Goat cheese mousse with pears, pistachios and acacia’s honey €8,50
Millefeuille with chantilly cream and fruit €9,00
Parfait with fennel, lime and mint €7,50
“Tozzetti” and spicy sweet wine €7,50
Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and cookies €10,00
Chocolate and pear cake (no eggs, no milk) €8,00
Autumn dessert with chestnuts and ccoked must €10,00
Lemon sorbet alcohol free €3,50
Lemon sorbet with vodka €4,00

Dishes marked with * can, if fresh products run out, be prepared with frozen products.

Dishes cooked with recipes from Trasimeno and Umbria and/or prepared with typical local products
Presidio slow food