A la carte

Dishes that speak of our origins,
but also new dishes, romantic and poetic,
dishes that are just plain delicious and genuine
are all special features of our menu.


Smoked tinca fish mousse , Trasimeno caviar, eel galantine with lentils, pike and truggle pasta, hand rolled pasta in goose sauce, eel in traditional tegamaccio sauce, carpa regina in a bread crust, “putto pescatore, pike filts with potatoes, onions and myrtle, duck filet with figs in a raspberry sauce, Perugina tripe…

  • Trasimeno caviar with toasted bread and local crema dei colli
  • Lake shrimp with leeks and almonds
  • Skewered pork meat with prunes
  • Rolls of perch with lake shrimp and typical fagiolina beans